The Ultimate Basketball Podcast Guidebook

If you’re a fan of basketball and a fan of podcasts, you need to keep up on your basketball podcast game. But there are a ton of basketball podcasts to keep track of!

There are over 1200 NBA games played every single year in just the NBA. It’s no small undertaking to try and keep up with the cosmic gyrations of the basketball universe.

But basketball podcasts can be an absolute hack. Pop in those ear buds and catch up with your favorite team without ever losing a step. The right basketball podcast can keep you informed and engaged as you roll on through your typical day.

But yeah, there are a lot of them, maybe even too many. If you were to commit to giving every basketball podcast on this list an honest shot, it would take months of full-time listening.

Well, I’ve done it for you. Hours upon hours of good, bad and terrible basketball podcasts, just grinding away at my ear holes. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve missed much and I’m still exploring new options as they come out.

In this post, we’ll explore the best basketball podcasts available today, and yesterday, covering the latest news and rumors, interviews with top players and coaches, informed analysis, un-informed analysis, strategy, culture, college hoops, WNBA, and more. We’ll find you the right shows to plug in while you’re working, watching the kids, or even tossing up some buckets yourself. This should really continue to evolve into the ultimate guide to basketball podcasts through the generations.

Now, this is an intentionally ordered list within the separate categories. But the ordering is based mostly on accessibility. If you can tune in today and enjoy the show, the pod goes higher on the list. But there is enough variation in these shows that you might find your favorite deep in the stack.

If you’re in a hurry and you’re looking for your first basketball pod, sure, check out the Lowe Post. Or click down to your category of interest. But If you’re looking for the perfect fit, dig a little deeper. There’s definitely something in here that’s a custom fit for you.

As the saying goes… Let’s break it down…

NBA Analyst Basketball Podcasts

Hot takes abound in this category, featuring some of the NBA’s top analysts. This is probably the best place to start if you’re just getting into hoops. Well, other than starting with a basketball podcast that focuses on your favorite team, which I do highly recommend. For that, turn to the third entry below.

From analysts, you can typically expect current developments in the NBA and interviews with coaches, players, former coaches and players, . But these are all well produced and both interesting and accessible whether you’re brand new to the sport or you’re practically an analyst yourself.

These will invariably offer a mix of commentary and interviews, touching on the current state of the NBA.

True Hoop Jarod Hector, David Thorpe, Henry Abbott

True Hoop is a great asketball podcast for those truly interested in the strategy and philosophy of basketball.

A little bit of a sleeper. This one has become my favorite podcast for its well-baked takes on all kinds of basketball lore.

Henry has been covering the NBA for over 20 years. He makes the occasional appearance, but mostly the show is run by David Thorpe and Jarod Hector.

This pod will up your basketball I.Q. and help you see the game in a new light. Can’t say enough good stuff about it.

The Lowe Post is the current leading basketball podcast.

The Lowe Post – Zach Lowe

The closest thing to the undisputed champion of NBA podcasts. This is the Bird Celtics of basketball podcasts. Maybe Jordan Bulls, but after Bird retired.

The production value is great. Personally, I appreciate this pod for its density of informed and interesting takes. Zach probably still hangs onto an unfortunate soft spot for the Celtics in some form, but he manages to conceal that very well. He’s clearly just an all-around fan of basketball, approaching topics on an impartial level with analytics-informed coverage.

The Lowe Post Is an insightful podcast that covers the latest news and topics in the league and it maintains a prime spot in my personal basketball podcast rotation throughout the NBA season.

The Dunker Spot – Nekias Duncan and Steve Jones

The Dunker Spot is one of the best basketball podcasts that covers the WNBA

I really appreciate The Dunker Spot for its WNBA coverage. Most of the bigger podcasts only cover the ‘W’ in passing, or when there are important events. Nekias and Steve present excellent and well though out takes on the WNBA throughout the season.

That’s not to take anything away from the fact that they cover the NBA well and thoroughly, and commentary is reliably centered on the game itself. Refreshing.

The Hoop Collective – Brian Windhorst

Windy has one of the most informative basketball podcasts out there.

It took me awhile to get into this show, but Windy and his ‘sidekicks’ have solid, well-informed takes, and they’re entertaining. There’s just something about it that feels like you’re sitting at a kitchen table with some hardened mid-western sports fans, like they’re well-informed, but mostly because it’s so cold that there’s nothing else to do.

The show is an informative and entertaining basketball podcast that covers the latest news, stories, and topics in the NBA world. It’s been slowly making its way higher on my rotation for several months now.

open floor basketball podcast icon

The Open Floor – Michael Pina, Chris Herring and Rohan Nadkarni

This one is a little more conversational, picking up some of your typical bro flow vibes. If you just want to listen some basketball fans shooting the proverbial shit, this is the basketball podcast for you.

The show often meanders at the start. The hosts are known to reference listener complaints about taking too long to get to the basketball part of the basketball show. These complaints are both valid and irrelevant. That is, the crew does indeed take a long time to get to the basketball. But that’s the point. If you don’t like it, there are literally 15 other shows to listen to.

I dig the lineup and the relaxed delivery. Tune into Open Floor if you like a comfortable and leisurely discussion that actually manages to avoid getting stuck on some of the overly trendy topics.

locked on NBA basketball podcast icon

Locked On NBA

The Locked On Network represents an extensive line of pods customized to varying topics and individual teams across the NBA. In fact, the network offers coverage across professional sports in general.

Chances are, there are current episodes of a Locked On podcast that are specific your team, even in the middle of the off-season. I discovered this network through the localized Locked On Nuggets podcasts. And that’s consistently been one of my favorite ways to keep up with Nuggets developments year round.

They also offer league-wide coverage, WNBA coverage, Fantasy-Centric Coverage, and Game-To-Game coverage.

Dunc'd On basketball podcast icon

Dunc’d On – Nate Duncan

Dunc’d on is popular with the more serious hoops crowd, one might say beloved. Production value is not what you get with the big networks, but the takes are great and detailed. Nate and guests will guide you through a game in a way you won’t even get if you’re sitting in the stands.

Expect full-formed thoughts on strategy and individual player performances. This is your show if you’re looking for some serious backseat basketball.

Of course, these types of very specific takes are always the easiest to argue with, so I’m sure there are some naysayers. But you can’t help but improve your understanding of the game if you’re pumping this caliber of information into your head on the regular.

NBA Pulse – Sarah Kustok

The Pulse is hosted by Emmy-winning Nets analyst Sarah Kustok. There is an obvious shortage of female voices in this lineup, and The Pulse is refreshing from this standpoint, even if most of Kustok’s guests and interviewees are dudes.

The basketball podcast features a rotating group of writers, covering their most recent articles and the latest NBA news. Sarah’s genuine excitement for the game is evident, and her guests contribute well-informed takes.

The Pulse runs around 20 minutes, so it’s an easy fit in your lineup. The show serves to whet your appetite for the deeper coverage that comes from the writers it features.

Callin Shots – Seth Partnow

This one demands a mention for its format. Your typical NBA podcast is going to provide surface-level coverage with a recency bias. Partnow stands out in his approach in providing more in-depth coverage on a team-by-team basis, bringing on writers from across the league to zoom in on a team

Shows drop frequently and coverage will often drive deep into strategy, the current state of a teams development and aspirations, and right down to the bottom of the roster. Seth taps a great lineup of guests with deep and often personal knowledge, the reporters who are mainstays at team pressers and who often have frequent personal interactions with players and leadership.

This is a great addition to any basketball podcast lineup, especially if you want to inject some deeper knowledge across the league. Seth provides analysis for The Athletic and formerly served as Director of Research for the Bucks.

The Woj Pod – Adrian Wojnarowski

Adrian Wojnarowski has a knack for uncovering the latest on personnel scoops, so turn to the Woj Pod if you want to stay ahead of the game on draft and trade news.

Match that with the high production value of an ESPN-backed show and the corresponding guest list. Woj is easily in the top 5 of the professionally-produced, league-wide coverage podcasts.

The big downside in my opinion is that it’s just not that engaging. I’ll take my trade news a little later if it’s packaged up with some interesting takes or personalities that are a little more endearing.

NBA Today – Malika Andrews

The popular ESPN show, packaged for auditory consumption. The show departs frequently from the standard talk show format, throwing in some interesting little stories on topics surrounding the NBA. However, you’re literally listening to a television show. You get that quick-cutting, tv dialog and It’s just not really what you want from a podcast. And Malika is not exactly the most beloved NBA anchor these days.

The Athletic NBA Show – Rotating Lineup

The NBA Show is your typical rotating writer lineup. Different groups of writers pickup different scheduled episodes, so you might end up finding a specific show that you want to tune into regularly. But that’s a little annoying for a pod, honestly. I’d almost prefer these were split up so I can just subscribe to the feed I like the most.

Still, there’s production value here and this is pleasant enough to have on in the background, even if the topic of league-wide NBA coverage is fully stacked. The Athletic also puts out the popular and entertaining No Dunks Podcast which is a little more of a buddy show.

The Step Back – Ethan Skolnick and Brady Hawk

Presented by FanSided and hosted by Ethan Skolnick and Brady Hawk.

is hosted by NBA writer and The Ringer’s Jonathan Tjarks. On this podcast, Jonathan dives deep into the NBA world with a mix of interviews and analysis.

Hollinger & Duncan – John Hollinger and Nate Duncan

Hollinger is an NBA front-office veteran with the Grizzlies. He teams up with Duncan from the Dunc’d On podcast to offer solid breakdowns an analysis that bely their funk ass logo.

The show is good and well-produced and the takes are good and well-informed.

The Steam Room – Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley

Is this technically an analyst podcast, if Chuck is really more of an analyst at this point? That’s a joke. Sure, Chuck is an analyst if you’re a fan of nonsensical and megalomaniacal takes, or if you also hate the Warriors. the more relevant question is whether or not you can stand listening to Charles Barkley talk for an hour. That is a mystery that you’ve likely already decided whether or not to solve.

Front Office – Keith Smith and Trevor Lane

The NBA Front Office show is focused on the personnel landscape. The NBA world is a connected one; one trade or free agent signing can drastically alter the landscape in an instant. Hosts Keith Smith and Trevor Lane provide all the latest info on all of the moves that are being made while emphasizing the ins and outs of the salary cap.

The Crossover NBA Show – Chris Mannix and Howard Beck

Another of Sports Illustrated’s multiple contributions to the league-wide coverage landscape. Mannix has been covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated since 2003, and Beck jumped over from Bleacher Report and his previous successful basketball podcast, The Full 48, in 2020.

The Crossover is a surface-level twice-weekly analysis of the legacy franchises, stylistically resembling a classic AM radio sports show, this is your jam. The hosts give biased attention to the bigger teams and players, but especially the Celtics and the Lakers. And they stick to the more obvious takes, mostly rehashing the big headlines. But that can be great if you just want a very rough idea of what’s going on.

I mean, they didn’t even mention Luka’s 60 point triple-double 9-point free throw off the backboard comeback, electing to spend 20 minutes on Harden return to Houston trade rumors instead. These are hot takes just for the sake of hot takes, upping your blood pressure with nonsense. This one is designed for the Boomers and the sponsors confirm.

The NBA Podcast – Bryan Toporek and Morten Jensen

Brian has been covering basketball and other topics for digital audiences for years, and he’s contributed to some of the bigger names in the online sports writing universe.

Morten Stig Jensen has a fair claim at being Denmark’s leading authority on the NBA. He founded an NBA-focused website and has also contributed to a number of big names, including regular pieces for SI.

The vibe is a little more fan boy than the average experienced analyst podcast. You get a perspective that you really can’t get from a duo who aren’t a Danish-native NBA fan and a long time sports blog contributor.

Production quality lacks at times, like the recent episode where we got 5 minutes of background static randomly. But these things are to be expected, and I kinda appreciate a show that feels like a late night phone call between buds.

General Basketball Podcasts

Contrary to popular belief, basketball is played outside of the NBA. And it can be super refreshing to tune into discussion around basketball, just basketball, none of the drama and flash that surround the NBA. check out these straight basketball podcasts for discussions surrounding the sport in general.

The Basketball Podcast

Chris Oliver runs you through some interviews and topics related to basketball coaching at various levels. You will get real, deep, thoughtful basketball coaching conversations here. So if you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of basketball strategy and pushing a team to sustained success, this is a great listen.

Clutch Time Podcast

Clutch Time Podcast will touch on topics like the NBA, NCAA, youth sports, nutrition and many more. Along with coaches interviews and many more.

Game Theory – Same Vecenie

From the Athletic, Sam covers all kinds of basketball-adjacent topics, form High School buckets to NCAA to coaching and strategy.

NBA Player Podcasts

There are a ton of NBA players and former players rolling in and out of the basketball podcast game. Typically, these will offer a different perspective than analyst podcasts. You’ll get a higher dose of candid player interviews and on-court insight, with typically a little less on the side of news and analysis.

But what you really get here that you can’t find anywhere else is the true day-in-the-life of an NBA player stuff. Whether it’s on-court drama or off-court lifestyle, there’s a lot of insight in here. It’s not always great to see behind the curtain, but if that’s your thing, here’s where to find it.

Old Man and the Three – JJ Redick

JJ Reddick's Old Man & the Three is probably the best player-hosted basketball podcast.

JJ has really jumped the charts this year. This pod has become, pretty easily, the most well-regarded hoops pod with a player as a host. He brings in great guests and does a solid job of covering important and interesting topics in the hoops world.

He really does seem to have a knack for finding the stuff that is just particularly compelling. No wonder this pod is probably the most popular on the socials. His clips go viral frequently.

The Draymond Green Show is probably one of the best basketball player podcasts

The Draymond Green Show – Draymond Green

Whatever your thoughts on Draymond and The Warriors, the man is a consummate hooper. And this show is easily one of the top sources of contemporary hooper takes. He pulls in some great guests for fascinating, if occasionally ridiculous conversations.

If you’re a Warriors fan, this is an easy sell. Draymond offers a current and honest breakdown on your team from the inside. But he frequently touches on league-wide and basketball-wide matters as well. And when your team comes up against the Warriors, you can count on Green to have some unique takes.

Draymond has a permanent spot in my rotation, specifically because he offers insight that you won’t get anywhere else. He’ll tell you exactly what he thinks of a team and exactly how he plans to prepare to confront their offense. It’s not always spot-on, but it is a true and candid look at the inside of playing in the NBA today.

The show does fall off its production schedule at times, for whatever reason. Personally, this is even more reason for me to keep it in the lineup

Off Guard with Austin Rivers – Austin Rivers and Pausha Haghighi

When you like a pod, you start to get excited to see that icon pop up in your feed. I’m starting to feel that with this pod. If I had to pick a team, it would be the Nuggets. And so, I was pretty well aware of Austin when I discovered this podcast.

But it still took some time for this one to grow on me. I think a lot of it is just Austin getting the hang of things and coming into his own as a media personality.

As a professional basketball player and the son of a legendary coach, there’s just no way to not sound a little out of touch now and then. But I’m starting to like this kid a little. His takes keep getting better.

Road Trippin’ – Allie Clifton, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye

Featuring two former Cleveland Cavaliers from the This is one of the longest running basketball podcasts in the list. Starting as a way to kill time on Cavs road trips. entertaining and insightful NBA stories told directly by your favorite players. Episodes often feature a guest NBA player or a sports and entertainment personality.

All the Smoke – Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson

Produced by Showtime, All the Smoke matches up a couple of outspoken former players, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson (one of many NBA players turned recording artist) to cover topics, candid interviews and news surrounding the NBA.

They leverage insight gleaned from years on the floor as they address issues affecting the lives and challenges faced in the league today. they throw in a little drama along the way.

The ‘smoke’ thing is a thinly veiled reference. This pod dips into weed culture a lot and the show has outed a surprising number of legendary NBA stoners.

Knuckleheads – Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles

Inside the Green Room – Danny Green and Harrison Sanford

NBA vet Danny Green and co-host Harrison Sanford cover news and stories with interviews from fellow players and teammates. The draw here is the unique perspective of an NBA player who has won three rings and a National Championship, but who at one point found himself fighting for a spot in the league. For sponsorship and press contact [email protected].

The ETC’s – Kevin Durant and Eddie Gonzales

Welcome to The ETCs Podcast, where Kevin Durant, Eddie Gonzalez, and special guests will have candid conversations about the best of sports, music, entertainment and culture. From what’s currently going on in the NBA to the history of some of your favorite albums to actors and producers who have changed the way that film and TV are made, The ETCs brings you never-before-heard stories and perspectives about all of your favorite topics.

No Chill – Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas is one of the most dynamic characters the NBA has ever seen. Agent Zero holds nothing back, puts all cards on the table and of course, has zero chill. Along with co-host Josiah Johnson, the No Chill Podcast is a healthy dose of all things Gilbert, his stories, his ideas and his unique perspective, while joined by athletes, actors and comedians.

The Big Podcast with Shaq – Shaquille O’Neal

Pat Bev Podcast – Patrick Beverley and Rone

Kinda a buddy basketball Podcast. The two cover some random stuff. At times, they approach the depth of the Draymond Green show, but it’s less focused.

Basketball History Podcasts

Many of these are published in sporadic chunks, but they’re typically evergreen and binge-worthy. Podcasts are a great way to catch up on the stories of basketball past that shaped the modern basketball universe and inspired even todays biggest names in the sport.

NBA Flashback

NBA Flashback is the podcast that takes you back to the best moments in NBA history through exclusive archival audio from the NBA vault, along with new interviews from the voices of the players and coaches who were in the building. Classic NBA moments with the perspective and emotions of the legends who lived them.

NBA Finals File – Jabari Davis and Robert Horry

Two former players and archival audio guide the listener through some of the greatest Finals series’ in NBA history.  

Book of Basketball 2.0 – Bill Simmons

Over and Back – Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch

A FanSided production, The Over and Back podcast tells stories about NBA, ABA & pro basketball history. 

The World of Five-Star

In All Airness – Adam Ryan

Adam focuses on stories from the Jordan era.

NBA Storytime – Jamel Johnson

An innovative stand-up comedy storytelling podcast that highlights forgotten moments of NBA history from all corners of the court and the internet.

NBA Draft Podcasts

Yep, there are year-round podcasts entirely dedicated to that one day when dreams come true. And they’re actually quite interesting. There’s a lot to know about the paths of athletes into the NBA, and the teams that might luck out and snag them.

Hoops Prospects

HPP is the perfect show for NBA Draft junkies and fans of college and pro basketball. Each week, Rich Harris and the rest of the Hoops Prospects staff will discuss the latest developments in the world of hoops, analyze pro prospects, and generally have fun. HPP will also feature guest appearances from various people involved with pro and college basketball, including players, scouts, coaches, writers, and TV personalities.

Upside Swings – Bryce W Hendrick

Upside Swings is a weekly podcast hosted by Bryce Hendricks, Cooper Klein, and Stone Hansen that is centered around all things NBA draft. We aim to bring you top notch analysis of prospects from every possible angle and discuss how they may impact and fit into teams at the next level.

No Ceilings NBA Draft

No Ceilings provides you with the most consistent and comprehensive year long draft coverage. We’ll cover prospects ranging from the top pick to ones who may not declare for another few seasons. From prospect breakdowns to instant reactions to scouting philosophies, we’ve got you covered.

The Ringer’s NBA Draft show – Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann take an in-depth look at who’s got next for the NBA’s future as they bring you “The Ringer’s NBA Draft Show.” They’ll drop their takes on the rising and falling stocks of the best and brightest prospects in the 2023 Draft Class from Victor Wembanyama to Scoot Henderson and more. This is a podcast for a fan of every team, whether you’re tanking for ping pong balls or you’re in search of sleepers later in the draft. Kevin and Kyle will break it all down every week and chat about this absolutely loaded 2023 class as well as revisit and re-draft recent draft classes and get into how the league’s evolution could inform what’s valuable in a prospect of the future.

Locked On NBA Big Board – Chad Ford

The Draftdaq NBA Draft Podcast

Draft Deeper

NBA Fantasy Podcasts

A regular fantasy podcast is pretty clutch if you want to stay on top of the fantasy rankings. It’s actually pretty clutch if you want to stay abreast of current NBA events too. It’s just the nature of the game that a fantasy cast would cover the most relevant details across the league in a quick and dirty manner. This category is ordered by posting frequency because one of the main issues with fantasy pods is when they don’t post regularly enough to be valuable.

Locked On Fantasy Basketball – Josh Lloyd

This is a daily must during the season if you want to be successful in fantasy basketball. It’s also the only choice if, like me, you just appreciate an Oceanic accent to shake up your listening routine. You’ll get the latest player developments along with strategic breakdowns to help you maximize points across the various league styles, and this one hits your feed like clockwork, almost overwhelmingly so.

Fantasy NBA today – Dan Besbris

This one comes from and offers similar coverage to the Locked On pod with the added secret sauce of a rotating panel of guests. Fantasy NBA Today also drops very frequently, almost every single day.

Ball Boys Fantasy Podcast

Also a solid option, particularly if you don’t want a new fantasy pod in your feed every day. This one drops more like every week or so, sometimes less.

NBA Fan Podcasts

Hey, just because these are maybe a little less polished, doesn’t mean they’re not great. The podcasting format is perfect for long-form, conversational shows.

So yeah, you may have to do a little more work with these to find the group of buds that works for you. But once you do, you’re more likely to find that connection that keeps you interested. There’s the potential here to find the show that feels like a good friend called you up to jaw on hoops.

Drive and Dish NBA Podcast – Kevin Rafuse and Justin Cousart

This pod started in 2014 as a way to . The show drops on something like a weekly basis throughout the NBA season and into draft season, summer league and free agency. . The duo don’t take themselves too dang seriously.

Through the Wire

House of Highlights brings you the ultimate NBA fan podcast, hosted by four childhood friends talking all things NBA both on and off the court. Whether you’re a casual fan or live and die for basketball, you won’t want to miss Kenny, Pierre, Mike and Darrick bringing their hot takes to the mic, two times a week.

No Dunks – Skeets, Tas, Trey, and JD

From The Athletic, these 4 cover the NBA almost every day  Join ‘em as they break down the league’s biggest games and headlines, answer listeners’ questions, interview guests, and more.

Maximum Hoops – Mike Maxcy

Talk about NBA Draft, NBA trades and whatever comes to mind

Blacktop Smacktalk – Adam Jose

Pump Fakes and Hot Takes – Chisom Adeoye, Noble Opusunju and Venu Madhav Upadhyay

A Lakers fan a Knicks fan and a Thunder fan talk NBA Basketball. We will go over NBA Trades, Free agent signings, important/interesting games, and other NBA storylines throughout the course of the regular season, playoffs, and off-season. We will be wrong on 90% of our takes so don’t think we know what we’re talking about. Hit that subscribe/follow button to join the fun

Buckets – Amir Blumenfeld

All Ball – Doug Gotlieb

All Ball with Doug Gottlieb is an unfiltered podcast covering the biggest stories in college basketball and the NBA. Join Doug as he brings his unique perspective as an TV analyst and radio host. In each episode, he’ll give his opinions and discuss the top stories in the NBA and college basketball. Follow Doug on Twitter and subscribe NOW to get all the latest episodes!

Chucking Darts

A basketball podcast of debatable accuracy. Rigorously, joyfully discussing the NBA. 100% correct until the ball is tipped. Darts are meant to be chucked forward. It’s ok to be wrong about sports.

Running the Break – C.J. Toledano and Alex Wong

Mad Boosties – Jack O’Brien and Miles Gray

The Ringer NBA Show + The Ringer Group Chat

The Mismatch – Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor

Also the Ringer. Hosted by Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor, of The Ringer, this is an entertaining and lighthearted podcast with…

a mix of analysis, interviews, and discussion on the latest NBA news and topics.

The Baseline

Smith and Jones

Inactive Basketball Podcasts

These are the pods that haven’t been released regularly in awhile. Some of them might resume. Others are gone forever, or have spun off into something else entirely. But there are still some back episodes out there that can be worth consuming.

You’ll probably notice a high percentage of player-hosted pods in this category. It takes time and commitment to put out a regular pod, and you can’t really blame players for getting distracted by things that are maybe a little more important, like winning games.

Basketball Illuminati

basketball illuminati podcast, the nba conspiracy podcast

Man, this is one of the few basketball podcasts that held strong in my feed for multiple seasons. I loved the unique style and segments. The conspiratorial element ends up being very entertaining. And there’s never a shortage of weirdness in the NBA to fuel this concept.

But unfortunately, it’s kinda on sabbatical. I don’t know why exactly. And the hosts have mentioned that it may return. I’m guessing they just have more popular or profitable media to produce.

Well, it does remain in my feed and I hope to one day hear from Amin Elhassan and Tom Haberstroh again. Amin is on a newer basketball podcast, but it just doesn’t really work for me, unfortunately.

The Full 48 – Howard Beck

This one was a product of Bleacher Report and longtime NBA journalist Howard Beck. It combined combined the requisite coverage of news, highlights, and hot topics, with player, coach, executive and occasionally even celebrity fan interviews.

The Full 48 last dropped in October of 2020, when Beck jumped over to Sports Illustrated. If you’re interested in the back catalog, look out for the interview with Steve Kerr in March of 2020 or the Zach Lowe conversation in February 2020 that ouched on the Kobe tragedy.

Beck is currently posting audio takes with Chris Mannix over on SI’s The Crossover

Pull Up – CJ McCollum and Jordan Schultz

CJ joins analyst Jordan Schultz for an insiders look at life in the NBA. They have good chemistry and the show delivers some fun and unique insights.

This one last episode in May of 2022. Probably a result of Jordan signing a deal with ESPN. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that it will resume, but you never know. Players tend to get a little busy and distracted.

Dray Day – Draymond Green and Marcus Thompson

Bay Area sports journalist Marcus Thompson joined Warriors Defender Draymond Green for 8 installments in the first half of 2017 covering. Something of a precursor to The Draymond Green Show which launched in 2021.

The Vertical Podcast – Chris Mannix

Chris Mannix on behalf of Woj for the Yahoo! Sports Network. This one has been split and distributed in so many ways it’s tough to figure out what’s going on. But Mannix went on to The Crossover which eventually picked up Howard Beck from his also defunct The Full 48. And then Woj is with ESPN now.

The T. Ross Podcast – Terrence Ross and Stephen Madison

NBA Hang Time – Sekou Smith

engaging podcast that covers the latest news and topics in the league, with a mix of interviews and analysis.

House Call with Dr. J – Julius Erving

In 2018, Dr. J released around 20 podcasts covering basketball, culture and other relevant or sometimes random topics.

Aaron Gordon’s Quest for Enlightenment – Aaron Gordon

Alright, something quite entirely different. This is an interesting one. Dunker and rapper extraordinaire A.G. takes us on an exploration into sports and mental balance in this series. The last episode was back in April, 2021. Thirteen episodes featured thoughts and interviews with players and reporters on some existential topics.

Go Off – Austin Rivers

Veteran guard, son of legendary coach Doc Rivers, and Curry in-law, Austin explores

Roundball Stew

The former rotoworld fantasy buckets cast, this one got axed in Nov 2022 and replaced with something else entirely. It’s kinda around in some regard, but I hate to give any juice to a forum that does its fans this way.

The Jump – Rachel Nichols

Big Man on Basketball – Jeff Nadu

What’s in Your Glass? – Carmelo Anthony

Winging It – Vince Carter

The Stepien Draft Podcast


Barstool Bench Mob

Certified Buckets

Just Ball Things

The Bball Breakdown